These Extractigator models are the only tree pulling device that has this feature. Unlike competitor models, you don’t have to get down on your hands and knees to place it around the plant to pull! 3) Few wearing components. The Extractigator Classic, Junior and Baby Gator have only 2 pins with 3 moving parts!This is a New Holland TN75A,, 4X Wheel drive 75 hp. With a Bush Hog 4045 Front End Loader.. When you dig up a tree with a bucket you dig a hole as wide as the bucket, no matter what size the tree is.You will reach a tractor with two hooks on the ground beside it. Just go right until you reach a tree with a small hook on it. Lasso the hook and pull yourself onto the branch. The tree will begin.Clamps directly on to your tractor or skid steer loader bucket in minutes. Great for compact and sub-compact tractors and skid steer loaders up to 65 HP; Quickly and easily pulls up wood posts and trees up to 6" in diameter. Turns a 2 or 3 person job into a 1 person job. Turns your bucket into a post and tree pulling workhorse!The BrushGrubber 44 in. Hydraulic Post/Tree Puller is an easy-to-use machine made to be attached to your tractor or skid loader. The BrushGrubber can be used to clear out shallow-rooted trees and brush. The BrushGrubber 44 in. Hydraulic Post/Tree Puller comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.The Utility Tree Puller is a versatile tool for arborists, farmers, landscapers, and anyone looking to conveniently and carefully remove brush and trees up to 8″ in diameter. The open plate design offers superior operator visibility, while the push bar keeps branches safely away from the cab.2016 Berlon industries tree puller. manufacturer: berlon industries Used Tree Puller The Berlon Tree Puller is the ideal skid steer, tractor or loader attachment for removing fence posts and pulling out small tree s, shrubs, and bushes. Hose-saver spring, hose clamp, hoses and co.Alterio Tractor Pulling, LLC will be performing the tree removal work. The selectmen said that the "trees pose a safety hazard for the children in the play area and need to be removed as soon as.